Nice to meet you!
I'm a Software Engineer in San Francisco Bay Area.

My name is Andretti and I’m a sound designer turned software engineer
with a passion for integrating my audio knowledge with unique technology
and code. I have a profound interest in technology and how it has changed
in the last few years. I want to be part of that change and create tools
and applications that can make a difference in the world.

Through my love for learning, I have pushed myself to acquire a variety
of skills such as Coding (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, React, Ruby, MongoDB, Mongoose, SQL)
and designing sound for live theater.


Series & Movies

This is a site that will give you detailed movie and TV series information. Just type in the title of the show you want to learn about.

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The Bakery

This application is about an online bakery shop. Store managers can add, edit, and delete items in the shop.

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80's Movies

This group project is for movie fans to have their own 80’s film catalogue. Users can create, edit, and remove films from their collection.

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Spotify Clone Player

A clone of Spotify's music player that uses a Spotify API to display the user's playlists and music.

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